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The Mount Saver Glue Additive is compatible with all common taxidermy adhesives. The Glue Additive can be used with pastes, two-part epoxies, and glues without changing the set-up/dry-time or the adhesion properties of the adhesives.

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The Mount Medix Mount Saver Glue Additive is a formulation that can be added to any of the commonly used glues, pastes, epoxies and adhesives in the taxidermy industry. Why do this or why bother? Adding the glue additive to your adhesives is one important step in being able to create a bug proof mount for your client. The adhesives will encapsulate the Mount Medix active creating a time release mechanism for bug prevention.


Typically, this is a product that will only be used by the taxidermist during the preparation of the mounts. The Glue Additive is designed to mix into any of the common taxidermy adhesives without impacting the workability, set time and holding power of the adhesive.

For those taxidermists that use starch or dextrin-based adhesive, the addition of the glue additive will also prevent mold formation in the adhesive, so you won’t have to add materials like Lysol to yo adhesive any longer. The glue additive along with the hide soak will also prevent mold formation in the ears and tuck slots during drying for those who live and work in warm moist climates.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix Mount Protector is available in 16 fl. ounce, 32 fl. ounce bottles of Ready-To-Use. Generally, 8 fl. ounces, per five gallons of adhesive is recommended.

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