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Our best value! These kits contain everything needed for cleaning, preservation, and maintenance.

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The Mount Medix Mount Keeper is a preassembled kit for the specific purpose of TOTAL PROTECTION taxidermy mount maintenance. The kits consist of Mount Protector, Fade Protector, Eye Polish and Cleaner, Horn and Antler Conditioner, a grooming brush, cotton swabs for delicate cleaning and polishing and soft absorbent commercial rayon shammie clothes.

The kits are designed to provide the owner of taxidermy mounts the products they need to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on the mounts. By performing semi-annual or annual cleaning and maintenance, your taxidermy collection, whether it be large or small, will remain in pristine condition for many years. Besides being clean and looking good, the use of the Mount Protector will provide the additional benefit of protecting your mounts from insect damage.

An often-overlooked issue with taxidermy is damage from either natural or artificial light. This occurs on all mounts and can have you treasured taxidermy looking bleached out in only a few short years. Routine use of Fade Protector will prevent this damaging color change and yellowing.

Using the Horn and Antler conditioner will give this part of the amount a very natural long lasting sheen and allow for easier cleaning.

The eye polish along with the included cotton swabs makes cleaning and polishing the eye a simple and easy process.

Kit prices provide a 25-40% savings compared to purchasing products individually!!!

For specific details of each product in the kits please consult the bottle labels and our technical bulletins on those products.


These products are intended for use on all forms of taxidermy.  Not only do these products keep you mounts in top shape, its makes them look great as well.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Protector and Fade Protector bottles provided in the kits are as follows:  16 fl. ounce – small kit, 32 fl. ounce bottles – medium kit and 128 fl. – large kit and 32fl. ounce Concentrate in X-Large Kit.  Typical Mount Protector and Fade Protector used is 2-3 ounces for a typical whitetail shoulder mount.

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Small Kit, Medium Kit, Large Kit, Large Concentrate Kit


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