Mount Saver Powder

Mount Saver Powder is specially formulated for Bird Taxidermists but has a wide spectrum of uses in taxidermy.

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A Mount Medix product developed specifically for Bird Taxidermists but has a wide spectrum of uses in taxidermy.

The Mount Saver Powder is another extremely easy to use product designed for professional taxidermist. The product is a blend of the Mount Medix Active and different types of diatomaceous earth.


The Mount Saver Powder was designed to be used with or completely replace Borax in bird taxidermy. A 50/50 mix of Mount Saver Powder and Borax will still allow the skin to be manipulated on the manikin,  but will provide the benefit of insect prevention in the bird mount.


Another common application is some of the Mount Saver Powder to tumble media. Simply add the Powder to the chopped corn cobs, peanut shells, saw dust of other materials normally used in tumblers and operate the tumbler as usual. The addition of the Powder allows the hair or feathers and the hide to absorb some of the Mount Medix active. An extra benefit to having added Mount Medix Powder to the tumblers is it will keep bugs out of the tumbling media.


For any type of horn that are removable we recommend putting some powder inside horns prior to reattaching them to the cores during mounting. By placing some of the powder in the cores it protects against dermistids in case there is some tissue remaining inside the horns.  This can be extremely beneficial especially on African mounts where treatment of the horns was done out of the control of the mounting taxidermist.


The Mount Saver Powder can be used in natural habitat materials like moss or grasses. Just sprinkle some powder onto the habitat materials, tap to remove excess to keep insects out of the natural habitat materials


Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Saver Powder is available in 12 ounce Ready-To-Use canister. Typically a tablespoon in each horn is adequate for long term protection.


Other products specifically intended for Bird Taxidermy applications would be Mount Saver ProAd.  Please have a look at this product if insects are a problem in any Bird Taxidermy or other delicate mounts.


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