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ProAd is recommended as the best product for treating infestation in birds, freeze-dried mounts, animals with fine hair, and very delicate taxidermy.

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The Mount Medix Mount Saver ProAd is much like the original Mount Saver except its specifically designed for those mounts that are delicate, have fine hair or feathers, and freeze dried mounts or have other concerns about mount integrity. ProAd was designed specifically for Bird Taxidermy and Freeze Dry Specimens.Like the original water based Mount Saver, its specifically used to rid mounts of damaging insects. Mount Saver ProAd is a premixed and premeasured container of the Mount Medix active that is added to a gallon of solvent, like acetone, denatured alcohol or methyl acetate(solvent supplied by user) and will kill moths and dermistids in all forms of their lifecycle, including the eggs. The most common solvent used is acetone. The primary reason for theis solvent based product is the lack of water. Water can be damaging to some mounts or just create a lot of extra grooming work like with a bird or mammal with fine hair, because water based product mats down the hair or feathers. This product is a taxidermy chemical specifically designed for this purpose, unlike household or commercial pesticides that are not intended for use in taxidermy and which do a poor job of killing the insect eggs. The active ingredient in Mount Saver is a blend of essential oils not a harsh synthetic chemical.

What to Look For:

If you notice loose hair, moths flying around, fine sand like material under you mounts, you may have insect infestation. Have a closer look and spread the hair to look for cobweb like silks in the hair, cut channels in the hair where insects have feed, tiny tan sand like fecal material especially on wall contact surfaces, tuck slots, around ears, antlers and horn, and on paws and around hooves.


Treating Infestation – Use of this product, when mixed with solvent, should be done outdoors away from spark or flame sources or in a room designed to work with solvents like a paint booth. Start by vacuuming or removing loose debris with compressed air. Unlike the original  water-based Mount Saver, the Mount Saver ProAd diluted with solvent, but it is still applied directly to the mount in a thorough soaking just like the water based Mount Saver.

Helpful Treatment Hints – If possible, its beneficial to turn the mount upside down so the product runs along the hair into the hide, instead of along the hair onto the ground. Keep in mind Mount Saver must get to the interface of the hair and hide at the follicle. This is where the insects live. Special attention also needs to be giving to tuck slots, brisket areas, around ears, horns and antlers, areas of the mount contacting the wall. In general, the solvent will evaporate quickly and leave behind a nice protective amount of the active that will address the insect issues. Since the solvent flashes of, the amount of grooming due to matted down hair and feather will be dramatically reduced.

Freeze Dry Application: The Mount Saver ProAd diluted with solvent is also idea to apply to freeze dried mounts after the freeze-drying process. This product will not rehydrate the mounts so it can be used as a insect proofing application prior to delivery to a client.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix ProAd is available only in remeasured 6 fl. ounce bottles.  Typical product usage is about 6 ounces of solvent diluted ProAd for a whitetail shoulder mount, just like the water based Mount Saver. ProAd is an absolute must for those mounts that are delicate, have fine hair or feathers.


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