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Taxidermy Eye Polish will renew the sheen of older eyes and bring back their “natural sparkle”. This product is an excellent eye cleaner to restore the look of natural eyes.

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Specifically formulated for cleaning and making the eyes in a taxidermy mount look real and lifelike.

The Mount Medix Eye Polish and Cleaner is specially developed for the taxidermy industry for the specific purpose of making the glass and polycarbonate eyes looking natural and real. Its main purpose is to clean the eyes without streaking so they appear and sparkle of a natural eye. The Eye Polish and Cleaner also contains carnauba wax, just like high-quality automobile polish to make future cleanings easier while maintaining the “natural sparkle”.


1. The Eye Polish and Cleaner can be pre-applied to eyes before they are installed by the taxidermist. This is accomplished by laying the eyes on an absorbent pad and misting them thoroughly with the product. Let the eyes dry and repeat the process. After two coats, the eyes can be installed into the mounts and will clean much easier than standard untreated eyes. In most cases, paint overspray, clay, and glue will wipe off with a cotton swab wetted with the cleaner. After wiping heavy residue away with an initial swab, wet a second swab and polish the eyes for finishing.

2. Eye Polish and Cleaner can also be used by taxidermy owners to remove dust, soot, smoke residue and other unwanted material that could be adhering to the mounts’ eyes. The process is very simple, first wet a cotton swab with the cleaner and make an initial wipe of the eyes to remove heavy unwanted residue. Dampen a second cotton swab with the product and polish the eyes to a like near, natural sparkle.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix Eye Polish and Cleaner is available in both 2 fl. ounce and 4 fl. ounce bottles with a mist sprayer attached. They should clean 50 and 100 sets of eyes respectively, depending on the level of initial cleanliness.

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