Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions, so maybe the answer to your question is here. Have a question that isn’t listed? Contact us!
How long does it take for Mount Saver™ to kill the insect infestation?
Mount Saver will kill infesting insects within seconds of direct contact with the product. It is important to insure insect come into contact with the product, however Mount Saver will kill the infestation through indirect contact. Though indirect contact is not as immediate as direct contact. For this reason, it is ideal to wrap the taxidermy in a containment wrap to keep the product vapors in contact with the taxidermy for at least four hours for 100% kill rate of all insects regardless of the lifecycle.
How long will Mount Saver protect taxidermy after application?
Mount Saver will generally protect taxidermy for a minimum of a year. This is however, somewhat dependent on the environment in which the taxidermy exists. If there is a high potential for exposure to insects, Mount Saver will protect the mounts for a year or more. If environmental exposure is low, meaning mounts are in protected rooms and not exposed to the outdoors Mount Saver can protect the mount for multiple years. It should be noted that Mount Medix LLC is producing preventative products, for periodic use to protect and clean taxidermy on a long-term basis.
How do I get insect infestation in my taxidermy?
The insects that infest taxidermy are commonly found in the environment. Taxidermy simply provides a specialized home for the insects. Most infestations have little to do with the quality of taxidermy preparations. The insect can enter the room through an opening to the outdoors or be brought in on objects such as furniture, clothing, textiles and rugs.
What do I look for to identify any infestation in taxidermy?
Typically the first indication would be loose hair or hair loss. This is usually combined with insect debris in and around the taxidermy. Infestation usually is noticeable around horn, antler, hoof, and claw areas on the taxidermy and between the taxidermy and hard surfaces like walls and habitat.
Do I need any special licensing to purchase Mount Saver or Mount Saver Hoof & Horn?
Mount Saver and Mount Saver Hoof & Horn can be legally purchased and used by anyone to treat insect infestations on taxidermy. The products is governed by the United Sates Environmental Protection Agency, but is categorized as FIFRA Exempt, thus allowing it to be purchased and used by the general public.
Do I need any specialized equipment to apply Mount Saver or Mount Saver Hoof & Horn?
There is no need for any expensive specialized equipment to use Mount Saver. It can easy be applied by using the provided sprayer in the case of the Ready-to-Use product or with a good quality sprayer from a local hardware store. All instructions for use are found on the product label, with more explicit instructions for use (with pictures) found on the website.
Is it safe to apply Mount Saver inside a customer's home?
Mount Medix LLC recommends using only small quantities (less than ½ pint) of the product indoors. Mount Medix LLC recommends product use be performed outdoors in a well ventilated area, with the use of adequate personal protective equipment.
Will Mount Saver completely address my infestation problems?
Mount Saver kills with direct contact and can kill with indirect contact, as long as the instructions for use are followed. It should be noted however, that insects may also exist in the room's furniture, carpets, rugs, and other areas that may provide adequate food and shelter. It may be necessary to treat the entire environment, not just the taxidermy.
Will Mount Saver stain wood, walls, painted surfaces, textiles etc?
Mount Medix LLC recommends small test areas be checked to be sure no staining occurs. It is impossible to anticipate all application scenarios, so be proactive and perform tests small non-visible areas before large-scale applications.
Are Mount Saver and Mount Saver Hoof & Horn compatible with all type of taxidermy?
Mount Medix LLC has performed testing on many different types of taxidermy and on many types of preparations without any issues. There may be some mounts where rehydration is a concern, but if the instructions for use are followed there shouldn't be any problems, even with rehydration.