Antler/Horn/Hoof Conditioner

Horn and Antler Conditioner is a penetrating siliconized oil blend that does not leave a sticky residue.

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The Mount Medix Horn and Antler Conditioner is the taxidermy industries leading antler and horn treatment.  It is designed and formulated to make restore the natural color and sheen to horns and antlers without creating a tacky dirt gathering residue or making the horns and antlers looking wet and artificial. The Horn and Antler Conditioner is formulated with synthetic silicone oils that will prevent horns from drying out and cracking while keeping the horn natural color. For antlers, the conditioning will prevent or reverse the white oxidation residue that forms on horns after a decade or so. Both horns and antlers will absorb a small amount of the product that will restore them to a lifelike condition, not the “wet look” caused by other treatments. . Repeated applications actually help make to horns and antlers easier to clean because of the presence of the silicone oils. Unlike most other horn and antler treatments, the Mount Medix product will not turn rancid like linseed oil(or other vegetable oil) or become sticky like WD-40, both of which actually end up attracting dust.



Professional Use – Horn and Antler Conditioner can be applied after the mount is finish to give the horns and antlers a life like appearance, for delivery. For horns that are boiled for the purposes of macerating tissue on the skull or horn removal from cores, a thorough application of the conditioner will help to prevent damage created by cooking the horn in hot water. Either dunk the horns in the Conditioner or liberally apply to the point where no more conditioner will soak into the horn, prior to cooking in a hot water batch.

Client Use – Mist the Horn and Antler Conditioner on the desired area, let stand for fifteen minutes and wipe away any excess. For old and extremely dried out horns this process may be repeated as necessary. For antlers that have a hazy or dusty appearance mist on an lets stand an hour or two before wiping. This may be repeated as necessary.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix Horn and Antler Conditioner is available in both 4 fl. ounce and 8 fl. ounce bottles with a mist sprayer attached. They should clean many sets of horns and antlers as the product usage per set is small. How many mounts it treats is heavily dependent on the size and product absorption.

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