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Mount Medix Fade Protector was created to protect the color of your mounts. It will stop the color fade or yellowing that occurs with all mounts as the age and are exposed to natural and artificial light.

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Color loss “Bleaching out” or Yellowing begins immediately after a trophy its harvested and happens to all taxidermy with age and exposure to light.  In some conditions, like brightly lit stores and trophy rooms with abundant windows these changes can happen quickly, completely destroying the natural look of any mount.

The Mount Medix Fade Protector is a product specifically formulated for the taxidermy industry to prevent color fade and yellowing of hair and color loss and degradation of feathers caused by exposure to natural or artificial light. The product is a blend of Ultraviolet light absorbing polymers and sacrificial compounds. Color change for most of mount happens slowly but begins immediately after the animal is harvested. This color change goes basically unnoticed until its significant enough to have caused irreparable damage to the mounts. If your mounts are located in a place where they receive any direct sun light through windows or are exposed to artificial light on a routine basis, you should be using Fade Protector. Waiting until after the colors of you mounts change is not the time to use the product. In this case, prevention is the only cure, use the Fade Protector to avoid permanent damage to you taxidermy.


Professional Use – Applying a coat or two of Fade Protector to the mounts prior to delivery will help keep your work looking good while in your client’s care. This is accomplished by misting on a light coat, allow it to soak in for ten minutes and wipe with a soft cloth. Professional Taxidermists can also purchase the product wholesale, so they have it as a service to their clients.

Client Use – After semi-annual or annual cleaning with Mount Protector mist on a light coat, allow it to soak in for ten minutes and wipe with a soft cloth. If your taxidermist hasn’t already made an initial application, let the Fade Protector thoroughly dry and apply a second light mist coat. Note: Do not soak the hair or apply a heavy coating and let the product dry as it can make the hair feel course and unnatural.

Special Application Note – If you perform semi-annual or annual cleanings using Mount Protector as you should. Fade Protector will need to be applied as soon as the mount has thoroughly dried post cleaning. Mount Protector is a very good cleaner and will remove some of the previous application of Fade Protector.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix Fade Protector is available in 16 fl. ounce, 32 fl. ounce bottles and 128 fl. ounce ready to use and 32 fl. ounce and 128 fl. ounce concentrate sizes.  We include trigger sprayers with all Ready-To-Use products.  It typically takes 2-3 fl. ounces of Fade Protector (per application) to treat a whitetail shoulder mount.


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16 Ounce Case, 32 Ounce Case, 1 Gallon Case, 32 Ounce Concentrate Case, 1 Gallon Concentrate Case


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