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Hoof & Horn can be used as infestation eliminator or a preventive treatment. Many expensive large mammal mounts may have a small amount of inaccessible tissue in hard-to-reach areas such as hooves, horns, and paws that need treatment.

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The Mount Medix Mount Saver Hoof and Horn(H&H) is a specialized formulation of Mount Saver designed to penetrate the soft fatty tissue inside horn cores and soft areas in hooves. These areas are notoriously hard to access an often contain residual tissue that will attract dermistids. If H&H is injected or applied into these hard-to-reach areas, it will render any residual tissue inedible to dermistids.

What to Look For:

It is best to avoid potential damage and apply the H&H during the mounting process. If this hasn’t been done the following damage can occur. Looking for small larva with short brown hair around horn bases or hoof and hide interface. The presence of molted carapaces from larvae that have shed during metamorphosis. Small round holes that appear in horns or hooves. The presences of tiny tan sand like material around the hooves and horn cores.


Treating Infestation – In general, injecting the Mount Saver Hoof and Horn into the infested area is the only way to address the issue. Treating horns is accomplished by first making sure the horn basis has been sealed. If they have not been sealed do so using an epoxy clay like Apoxy Sculpt to completely seal the bases. After addressing the sealed bases, drill very small holes into the horn along its length. This should be done on the back side so it’s not visible on the mount. Drill holes every four to six inches trying to have the hole depth into the middle of the horn as a minimum. Next inject the H&H into the holes using a hypodermic needle and syringe. Typically, some of the holes you drill will reach vessel channels and these holes will accept several cc’s of H&H. Holes that do no reach vessel channels will only accept a fraction of a cc. Let the horns rest, points down for a day and repeat. The drill holes can now be filled with Apoxy Sculpt and colored to match the horn.

Treating hooves can be done by injecting H&H into the hoof by inserting the hypodermic needle into the hide and hoof interface and directing the needle down into the hoof. If this access is blocked, drilling small access holes into the hoof may be necessary. It is important to get the H&H product in contact with the soft tissue areas of the hoof. Apply 1-4 cc of H&H per hoof and seal with Apoxy Sculpt. Color to match and hide the holes.

Freeze Dry Application: The Mount Saver H&H can be injected into velvet horns that have open vessel channels. This application is much the same as injecting into horns. The treating of freeze-dried Velvet Antlers is performed after the freeze dry process. For injection of H&H into freeze dried mounts after the freeze-drying process is possible but should on be done if there is a known food (residual tissue) source for bugs existing in the mount. Generally, ProAd is the bug proofing material of choice, but is there is tissue remaining because of accessibility treating with H&H may be beneficial.

Available sizes and usage:

The Mount Medix Mount Protector is available in 16 fl. ounce, 32 fl. ounce bottles of Ready-To-Use. Generally injection amounts are around a quarter ounce per hoof and up to a half ounce per horn.

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